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Your Fast-track to CFO Leadership


An Elite Group of
Senior Finance Executives

Personally Coached by Saleem Sufi 
A Harvard Trained 
CFO Leadership Coach & Strategy Expert


The primary objective of MECA CFO Academy is to prepare and develop senior finance professionals for the CFO Leadership roles. We help them develop by focusing on the following three core areas:

  • Setting up the inner game by creating a mindset based on life vision, values, and work-life integration
  • Polishing up their brand, communication, leadership style and relationship skills for external success.  
  • Developing strategic thinking and deeply understanding  strategic management for value creation and performance management.

Most finance professionals have good expertise in functional accounting and finance disciplines but lack leadership skills and business acumen. The focus of MECA CFO Academy is to help develop finance professionals with leadership skills and business strategy knowledge and expertise. These are the talents that make the difference in transitioning mid-level professionals to top C-level positions 


CFO Coaching Club is a community of like-minded senior finance professionals who are eager to grow their career at an accelerated rate and have a burning desire to reach C-Level leadership roles at their earliest. CFO Coaching Club is the platform where you can access latest CFO Leadership training material as well as network with other aspiring and emerging CFOs.
Saleem's 'Inner Circle' is a special high intensity coaching program where he regularly conducts live coaching sessions with his Inner Cicrcle students. The Inner Circle coaching program is is based on a unique CFO Leadership Competency Model developed by MECA CFO Academy for mid-career Finance professionals. The research based contents are carefully chosen to help you to take charge of your career by proactively managing and driving your own leadership development process. Through practical examples and tested strategies you will learn how to apply simple techniques to make big difference in your care. To join Inner Circle, a small subscription fee is required.

Inner Circle Monthly Coaching Schedule for 2017-18:

  • Weekly live coaching sessions by Mr, Saleem Sufi and other experts.
  • 1st Week: Group Coaching Session by Mr. Saleem Sufi (90 Minutes)
  • 2nd Week: Group Q&A Session by Mr. Saleem Sufi (60-90 Minutes)
  • 3rd Week: Expert's Session | A CFO or Executive Recruiter etc. (60 Minutes)
  • Intensive CFO Preparatory Coaching Program based on 12 competencies CFO Leadership framework.
  • One competency covered each month. Practical assignments, case studies, exercises included.
  • 40-50 Slides of proprietary contents provided for each competency.
  • Participation from the Privacy and Comfort of Your Home through video conferencing.
  • All online sessions on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM UAE Time. 
  • All sessions are recorded and available to members.
  • Monthly Subscription: $47 per month (month-to-month billing). You can cancel any time.

The CFO Coaching Club has been created to provide you an ogoing learning platform to help you take charge of your career and self leadership development process to accelerate your career growth.


The CFO Coaching Club - Inner Circle program is built on a research based CFO Leadership Competency Model that comprises of 3 dimensions of the CFO Leadership and 12 critical leadership competencies that are essentially required for senior Finance roles today.

The 3 leadership dimensions are:

  • Personal Leadership: Developing a strong self by building up character, work-life integration, energy, self-discipline and reputation. 
  • Public Leadership: Inspiring people around you with your authentic leadership, communication, relationship, and service orientation.
  • Strategic Leadership: Establishing thought leadership and driving value creation process through strategic performance management.

The program is entirely built on practical strategies, techniques and tactics that you can fast learn and quickly apply in your career to jumpstart your leadership journey. This is the most practical CFO training offered anywhere.



In today's fast paced changing environment where average employment tenure is fast reducing, you cannot depend and rely on your employer to provide you the necessary professional training and leadership development. New reality demands that you take full responsibility of your own learning and development and proactively manage and drive your career. 

The purpose of CFO Coaching Club is to provide you ongoing professional support through the following means: 

  • Free resources on 'CFO Coaching Club' LinkedIn group in the form of blogs, training videos, coaching lessons etc.
  • Intensive study of CFO Leadership Competencies through Saleem's 'Inner Circle' coaching program. A small monthly subscription fee applies.
  • Networking and peer-to-peer mentoring through CFO Coaching Club community where like-minded senior finance professionals help and support each other.

All jobs are temporary; but your career and profession is permanent. To make progress in your career, you must have an ongoing career coaching and mentoring support. CFO Coaching Club serves that role for you.

Most Practical CFO Leadership Training and Coaching
by MECA CFO Academy

A unique leadership development program for current and future CFOs
aimed to significantly enhance their strategic and leadership skills within a short period of time


2017-18  Coaching  Syllabus

Leadership Framework 


What has changed in the business world recently and why a different approach is required for career management.

  • New business model of 21st century
  • What is lacking in Finance profession and how to bridge the gap
  • Traditional CFO Leadership models
  • New role of Finance and demands on the CFO
  • What recruiters and executive search firms look into a CFO
  • MECA CFO Leadership Competency Model - an overview
  • Where do you stand - a self assessment

Coaching Goal: Develope the right mindset and perspective to take charge of your career.

Peak Performance


How to deliver more in less time and remain focused on top priorities

  • Time management and personal productivity
  • Understanding your inner game and outer game
  • How to overcome daily fire-fighting
  • Building your focus muscles
  • Developing new habits
  • Urgency verses importance matrix
  • Advanced tools for higher productivity
  • Strategic delegation
  • Your personal SWOT analysis

Coaching Goal: Improve your work performance by doubling your productivity and enjoy quality of life

Emotional Intelligence


How to create self-awareness and connect with people at  a deeper level

  • What matters: EQ verses IQ
  • Left brain verses right brain - how do we make decisions
  • Using the power of your emotional brain
  • Four level of awareness
  • Managing your stress
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Becoming charismatic
  • How to develop integrity and trust
  • Understanding and managing your ego

Coaching Goal: Use the power of emotional intelligene to bring a lasting change in your behavior and performance

Personal Branding


How to build followership and attract opportunities

  • Why personal branding?
  • Discovering and positioning your personal brand
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Communicating your brand to the world
  • Your online presence: how to let the world notice you
  • Building your network
  • Managing your reputation
  • Characteristics of s strong CFO brand
  • How to let recruiters find you on LinkedIn

Coaching Goal: Develop a strong internal and external image and build reputation

Public Speaking


How to become a public speaker and make engaging and influential presentations

  • Why public speaking is a must for CFOs
  • Challenges faced by CFOs
  • Overcoming your fear
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Presenting numbers
  • Keeping your audience awake
  • Presenting at workplace - a starter's guide
  • 7 Critical mistakes to avoid

Coaching Goal: Develop the comfort level to become a frequent presenter. 

Authentic Leadership


How to build and lead a team of outstanding professionals 

  • What type of Leader you are
  • Inspiring and motivating with your vision
  • Employee engagement and enablement
  • Skills alignment with work demands
  • Goal setting and reward system
  • Work-life integration
  • Hiring, firing and retention
  • Coaching and mentoring

Coaching Goal: Become an inspirational leader and role model

Relationship Management


How to develop long term compelling relationships

  • Why relationship matters
  • Essential ingredients of a successful relationship
  • Your relationship with your boss and management team
  • Your relationship with your staff and colleagues
  • Making friends at work
  • Working with difficult people
  • How to develop likeability
  • Managing strategic relationship

Coaching Goal: Create a wide network of professional relationships at work and outside work

Service Orientation


How to develop a service oriented Finance organization

  • What service excellence means
  • How to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Learning through Finance surveys
  • Leveraging cross functional teams
  • Over commiting and over delivering
  • Driving change through Finance champions

Coaching Goal: Develop a Finance team that deeply cares about their non Finance customers

Strategic Thinking


How to do strategic thinking and create a strategic mindset

  • How to understand and improve yourself
  • How to understand and improve others
  • Asking basic (but powerful) strategy questions
  • Comprehending big picture
  • Understanding products / markets / customers
  • Blue ocean thinking
  • How to create a vision
  • Expressing your strategic self

Coachinh Goal: Develop the habit of strategic thinking and become a strategist

Value Creation


How to drive and support the value creation process

  • New business model of 21st century
  • Prominence of intangibles
  • What is value and how it is measured
  • Value creation model
  • Understanding value creation cycle of your business
  • Identifying vale drivers through strategy maps
  • Measuring customer and employee value

Coachinh Goal: Understand the value creation model of your business

Performance Management


How to link operations with the strategy

  • Limitations of current financial system
  • From managing financials to managing value
  • Strategic planing and analysis
  • How to use Balanced Scorecard 
  • Business model assessment
  • KPI and critical success factors
  • Monitoring business performance through value drivers

Session Goal: Establish a system of organization-wide performance management based on balanced scorecard

Career Management


How to create a career plan and manage own leadership development process

  • A assessment - where you are now
  • Managing your career
  • Your career plan
  • Career goal setting
  • Your ongoing professional and leadership development
  • Going forward: coaching or mentoring
  • Work life integration
  • Your next career opportunity

Coaching Goal: Create a long term own leadership development plan


Saleem's Previous Coaching Students



From Previous Participants

  • “It is the most effective and most practical CFO leadership training I have ever come across. The program contents are new and focus on building CFO Leadership skills. The program is taught with clarity and practical tips to make it easier to apply immediately”.
    Syed Khalid Noor
    Country CFO
    Novartis Pharma Pakistan
  • “Top quality CFO leadership contents. For such a nominal fee, the program offered great value. Lots of powerful concepts and tools shared. There is no such structured program available in the market. Trainer was fantastic and the concepts were explained very clearly”. 
    Mohammed Afzal
    Regional Financial Controller
    Chicago Bridge & Iron, UAE
  • “The program has helped me to learn tools required to do gap analysis, self-development and lead my career in a strategic way to get senior leadership role in future"
    Tauseef Irfan
    Senior Consultant, PWC
    New Jersey, USA
  • “It is the best program; no other institute or body is offering such kind of program”.
    Ashit Sanghvi
    Group Financial Controller, Fikree Pipe LLC, UAE 
  • “Exhaustive practical areas for career growth kindled in short span of time for me to work upon, has been a vital and timely coaching for my career progress.”
    Biji Daniel
    Vice President Finance,
    Food Specialties Ltd., UAE
  • “The overall program was fantastic and full of insights of how one can be successful in becoming a CFO.” 
    Nadeem Iftikhar
    General Manager
    Al Batool International, Jeddah, KSA

Hundreds of Finance Professionals have attended Saleem's CFO Coaching
Enrollment deadline for $47 Monthly Coaching 
is 30th April, 2017




Developing a Strong Personal Brand for You..

In today's social media environment, you must have a visible online presence with a strong personal brand. Chasing jobs by mass circulating your CV is no more effective. 
Latest best practices are taught in the coaching sessions to help you build a strong personal brand and online presence.  With Inner Circle coaching you shall be able to:
  • Create a highly professional and searchable LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters and prospective employers.
  • Build a high quality 1st level connections network on LinkedIn that exceed 1000+
  • Develop a highly prfessional CV that concisely conveyas your strengths and brings interviews
  • Establish your Thought Leadership among your circles in the area of your core expertise
  • Increase your online visibility so you appear on the first page in Google search
  • Build your credibility and a strong reputation among your professional network at work and outside work
The journey from the mid-career to the top is very ferent and full of challenges. What brought you to the mid-career level will not take you to the top. You need to learn and develop leadership skills and strategic thinking at a much faster pace before it gets too late. Experts are saying you need to spend 10-20% of your time learning new things. Are you ready?


A Brilliant Career with Top World-Class Companies across Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and United States

  • Global Strategic CFO from Top Fortune 500 Companies
  • CFO Leadership Coach & Strategy Expert
  • Founder, MECA CFO Alliance, the largest CFO group across Middle East
  • Founder, MECA CFO Academy
  • Harvard Trained


Saleem Sufi has more than 20 years of international experience in Strategy, Finance and Operations with world class Fortune 500 Companies and top Private Equity Firms in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America. As CFO of various businesses, he has been closely involved with Corporate Boards, CEOs, Business Heads and senior members of executive management teams in strategy formulation, execution and strategic turnaround.
Saleem has vast experience working around the globe in senior level strategic roles. While working for Philips, he successfully led and executed several strategic initiatives in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Thailand involving performance management and implementation of Balanced Scorecard. In later years, he served some of the best Fortune 500 and Private Equity Companies including Wells Fargo and Carlyle, as Vice President and CFO. Lately, he has been the CFO with global large multibillion industrial groups of companies in Middle East and United States.
As an experienced speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach, Saleem has conducted numerous executive level workshops and seminars on the subjects of Finance, Strategy, Enterprise Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard in international locations including Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Riyadh, Dubai and New York.
Saleem is an MBA with major in Strategy and Finance and a Fellow member of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants. He has attended Harvard Business School a number of times for Executive Education where he has been trained and coached by world renowned Professors Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. Robert Simons on the latest practices in Strategy and Balanced Scorecard.
Saleem regularly writes a blog at with a focus on ‘CFO Leadership’. His mission is to help Finance professionals grow in their careers and leadership roles faster. His blog topics cover the subjects of Strategy, Leadership, Finance Career, and Work-Life Integration. 
Saleem is the Founder and President of MECA CFO Alliance, the largest independent CFO group in Middle East region. Under the MECA umbrella, he leads MECA CFO Academy with an entire focus on leadership development and career growth among the senior Finance community. Saleem is based in New York and Dubai and travels extensively around the globe. 


'Inner Circle'

Program Designed by:
MECA CFO Academy (incorporated in USA)
US Headquartrs:
CFO Academy LLC
7 Tulsa Court, South Brunswick, NJ08852, USA.
Local Affiliate Partner:
Professionals and Accountancy Centre (PAC) Dubai,
First Floor, Al-Tayar Building,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Subscription  Fee:
Monthly Plan: $97 per month
Special Discont up to 30 April, 2017: 
Monthly Plan: $47 per month only
(Month to month billing). You may cancel any time.
For More Info. Contact:
Mian Ahmad Farhan, FCA
Program Director, MECA CFO Academy
Office Ph: +971 4 3881701-02
Cell: +971 55 2100668 
Saba S.
Director of Communication & PR
MECA CFO Alliance and CFO Academy


Participants of Saleem's Coaching Program

    • “This is very comprehensive and effective program that gives all the elements in one place which are required to be a successful Professional”. Amberjeet Banerjee , Senior Finance Manager, Landmark Group, UAE
    • “Great learning experience that changed my mindset and approach to pursue my career goals”.  Muhammad Naeem , Financial Controller, Idroesse Infrastructure, UAE
    • “The program is very educational, a lot of practical lessons were shared that benefited me personally”.  Joanne Ortuoste , Financial Accounting & Reporting Manager, T&F Tax and Finance Group, UAE 
    • “Good program with lots of takeaways by way of tools and useful tips.”  Ramakrishnan Ramachandran,  Manager, KC International, UAE